The first archaeological find, that is source of knowledge of the martyrdom of S. Agata for us, is the sarcophagus where, for undisputed historical tradition, we know the body of dead S. Agata was buried: this sarcophagus is in Catania in the Church of S. Agata La Vetere. According to the Prof. Guido Limberti, at that time teacher of archaeology in the university of Catania, it exhibits a decorative motive of the ellenistic-Roman art, representing in the underlying part a reproduction of the mythological scene of the so-called "Alexander's Hunting", whose original would have been the work of Lisippo, famous Greek sculptor born in the fourth century a.C; and so this sarcophagus is considered as a contemporary construction to the martyrdom of S. Agata: and it transmits an incessant testimony of this martyrdom .
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